AASS "e-Bilet"

Frequently asked questions

1. General Provisions
Agent’s automated self-service system «е-Bilet» (ААSS "e-Bilet") is designed for implementation with using the Internet are: • reservation of seats/berths (with redemption, printing and receiving ) travel documents (transportation documents) in the ticket office; • order and payment the travel documents (transportation documents) (with next printing and receiving travel documents (transportation documents) in the ticket office; • order and payment the electronic travel documents (transportation documents) and receiving a boarding document.
2. Registration
Before the beginning of registration you should read the Public offer agreement, that located on the website Agent’s automated self-service system «е-Bilet» (ААSS "e-Bilet") www.e-bilet.ua (hereinafter referred to as Website) and after confirmation of Your consent with conditions of the agreement, you should to register. If you want to get registration on the website, you should move the mouse pointer to the words "Register", which is located on the left side of the home page of the website, above the button "Enter to the system" and after that click on the left mouse button. You should confirm that you have read and agree with terms of the Public offer agreement, after that you should continue to register. In the registration window you should enter the login using the Latin letters in the field of “User identifier” (not less then 5 symbols). Enter in the appropriate fields Your name and surname. If you are planning use bank payment card by VISA or MasterCard for payment, you should indicate Your name and surname, as it looks like on Your payment card. Enter your email address.
3. Internet – order (reservation) of seats / berths with redemption of travel documents in the ticket office.
When you make one appeal to the ААSS "e-Bilet" you can choose and order seats / berths only in one coach and only one train. For order of seats/berths you should choose train route, date of the train departure, train number, the number of the coach and the number of seats/berths in this coach. Internet – order (reservation) of seats / berths is carried out in trains before departure which is remain more than 4 hours.
4. What I should do, if after payment for order, the order form is not appeared on the screen and had not been received on e-mail?
You should push the button “Journal of orders” or link “Delayed printing”. Journal of orders contains all your successful orders.
5. What I should do, if the journal of orders not contains information about the executed orders?
You should send message to the support service. In message you should indicate: the date and the time of executed orders; ID-user (login in the system); e-mail of user; the name of bank that issued cards; the exact sum that was taken from the account. You shouldn’t indicate the number of train, couch, seat, and etc.
6. What I should do if in a process of order payment was failure in work of my PC, break of connection and etc.
Before you make repeated order you should view your journal of orders and make sure that your order is absent there. If you received information about the write-off money from your account, you should contact to the customer service and ask the duty engineer to verify the absent of order. Only after that you can repeat registration of the order.
7. How long before the departure of the train need to print the travel document?
You can print the travel document with moment of getting order form and before the arrival of the train to the station of destination. We recommend you to seek assistance of ticket offices not later than one hour prior to the departure of the train. ATTENTION, the exchange of landing of electronic documents in the ordinary tickets stops for 1.5 hours before the departure of the train.
8. How long is returned the money on the card if the order for some reason was fails and money was already withdrawn from the card?
Financial service of enterprise is sums up the results for all payments on the next working day. If the data is not match for successful orders and executed payments is conducted the investigation of the causes of the discrepancy. Only after that the amount that withdrawn from the card is transferred on that card. Bank-acquirer performs the wiring of payment within 4 - 5 business days. On average, the amount that was taken with card will refunded to the card within 7 working days.
9. Should I print the order form for exchanging him for the travel document?
You should not print the order form, but if you have such possibility, it would better to print the order form. It is help to prevent the errors of recording a number of order and conflicts with the cashier.
10. Where I can print the reserved tickets?
In any automated ticket office of Ukraine.
11. What are differences between automated and non automated ticket offices?
In the automated railway ticket office cashier sitting in front of computer monitor who connected to the system for the sale of tickets and prints all tickets on the printer. There are no monitors in the non-automated ticket offices. The means of communication is an ordinary phone. The cashier issues railway tickets manually.
12. Is it possible to print a prepaid ticket through your website in Moscow or other cities of Russia and the CIS?
Unfortunately no. If such possibility will appear, we will inform You about this.
13. How I can pay for the tickets through Internet?
You can pay for the tickets using cards of Visa or MasterCard.
14. Can I book tickets for the student's benefit?
The Internet-order of travel documents is carried out only for full and children's travel documents. The Internet-order of preferential, free of charge, military travel documents and documents on a train forms is not made.
15. How I can review the orders executed?
Blanks for your orders are sent via email on the email address specified during the registration. In addition, inventory and maintenance orders made by you are stored in your journal of orders, the page "Order History".
16. Why the system does not show me the desired train?
The system does not show the trains, where free seats is absent at the moment.
17. Why there are no free seats?
This question you should ask in the passenger service of Ukrzaliznytsia.
18. Is it possible to cancel the order that made through your site?
Unfortunately, you can’t change or cancel online order. In this case you can print out the ticket in the railway cashier and return it in the railway cashier of return (for more details see. "Terms of use").
19. How soon will be returned the money to the card in case of cancellation of the trip?
The procedure of return the money for unused travel documents is quite complicated, long and can last for 5 - 6 weeks.
20. How I can view the orders made on the site of e-Bilet?
The orders made with use of old version portal e-Bilet are available at www.e-bilet.ua.
21. At what time begins the sell of tickets on 45-th day of booking?
At 8:00 AM on Kiev time.
22. On what trains are available sell of tickets for the 90 days?
For the 90 days before of train departure are sold the tickets at the following trains:
12/11 Kiev - Simferopol - Kiev;
37/38 Kiev - Donetsk - Kiev;
79/80 Kiev - Dnepropetrovsk - Kiev;
92/91 Kiev - Lvov - Kiev;
106/105 Kiev - Odessa - Kiev.
This list of trains will increase
23. Can I book the ticket?
The operation for booking of seats on our website is temporarily unavailable.
24. What I should do if the system gives a message: “Your request cannot be performed, for technical reasons. Please, try to execute request later”.
Often, that message is associated with a big load on the system. You should repeat your request again, or enter to the website after the office hours. You should remember, that if you will send requests to the system often , the load on the server will increase and for the system will difficult to send responses for your requests and requests of other users.
25.How to return to the home page?
To return to the home page of any of the pages, simply click the left mouse button to position the cursor on the picture of logo in the upper left corner of the page.